December 8, 2016

Our Coastal Cleanup Boats

MetroShip-two-level-houseboat-2Wounded Nature – Working Veterans is working to find funding for 3 new houseboats.  Two would move up and down the East Coast and one would work in the Gulf of Mexico.  We will also deploy two Nordic Tugs, one operating 6 months a year on the Great Lakes and one on the West Coast.  These boats and their crews in addition to cleaning up our coasts will perform educational outreach by attending port festivals and making appearances.  They will have a significant impact on the environment as they clean the outer coastal areas of the United States. Veterans will staff each boat. Each boat will have its own sponsor and boldly display the sponsor’s brand.

The large flat sides of these boats make it an ideal floating billboard. Side “skinning” of the vessel can incorporate covering the windows with window skin transparencies to allow for an unbroken image.

nordic 54This sponsorship associates our sponsor’s brand YEAR ROUND in a high publicity context supporting a clean environment and our veterans. Currently, many sponsorships only provide sponsors with only one day or one weekend of relatively low visibility.

Some key points regarding sponsoring one of our boats:

1. The cost for our sponsors is very low compared to other national vehicle sponsorships such as NASCAR. Payments for our first year sponsorship costs are distributed over 15 months. Sponsorship costs are reduced in year two.

2.  Maintenance – Having new vessels will significantly reduce or eliminate downtime due to maintenance problems. If a vessel should happen to break down it would not impact Wounded Nature – Working Veteran’s ability to appear at scheduled appearances.

3.  Operating costs are all reduced by using live aboard boats. The boats will be built to order and will not have to be retrofitted to meet our needs.

4. Licensing – The USCG endorsements for the houseboats will be uninspected passenger and recreational vessels. The captains of each vessel will only be required to have a “six pack, charter captains” license for an uninspected passenger vessel. This will allow each boat to have up to 6 passengers aboard and allow the crew members to drive the boats for training purposes as long as their captain is aboard.

5. Crew classification – The crew itself will be classified as “land based” workers using the boats primarily for transportation and sleeping quarters.

6. Environmental – The five boats underway combined will consume less fossil fuel per day than one large ship. We hope to have at least one boat powered by natural gas. Having 5 boats allows us to more easily spread out our crew to cover the entire outer coastline of the United States and doing a more effective job.

To see our complete sponsorship proposals, go to:

West Coast Boat –
Gulf Coast Boat –
reat Lakes Boat –
ast Coast Boat #1 –
East Coast Boat #2 –


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