December 16, 2017

Key Sponsors and Donors

Photo by Rudy Socha shows a rusty and corroded nail in a water weathered 2 x 4 next to foam, bottle cap and plastic drink bottle pull valve.  One of the many hazards involved in cleaning rural beaches.
Many of the companies listed below provided their time and services to help us reach this level.  Some gave us employees to serve on our board, help with cleanups, and provide web and graphics assistance.  We appreciate everyone’s support and encourage you to support their business by buying their products and services.

Companies Who Support Wounded Nature

843 Digital
Alexandria Zoo
Atlanta Hawks
Andres Orozco Photography
Aqua Resorts
Avocet Properties
Bacardi USA
Barefoot Wine
Beachy Girl Designs

Bert’s Market
Beverly Ford Evans
Brown Forman 
Buffalo Bills
Bulldog Gin
Bull Frog Sunscreen
Bush Law Group SC
Carolina Shuckers
Cart Logic
Charleston Angler
Charleston Center for Photography
Cleveland Browns
Craig Technologies
Dallas Mavericks
Desert Sun Writing, LLC
Denishia Macon
Equus Hotel – Hawaii
Golden State Warriors 
Green Mountain Coffee
Guy Harvey
Harris Teeter
Houston Texans
I Mix Productions
Kathie Pieloch Voiceovers
Katrina Riabokon Photo & Design 
Kent WaterSports
Kristen Costello Photography
KRL Corporation
Leonard and Jerry Greenbaum Family Foundation
Lockheed Martin
Mark Kelso – Artist
Maxine Sims Productions
Memphis Grizzlies
Mills House Hotel
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Nashville Music Guide
Nashville Zoo
New York Knicks
New York Jets
Paul O. Collition Studio Inc.
Perry & Neblett, P.A.
Pittsburgh Steelers
Publix Super Markets
RP Graphic Solutions
Shady Rays
Skull Candy
Smiling Sherpas
Soft Science
Squid Anchors
St. Augustine Alligator Zoological Park
Sun & Skin Care Research
Tammy Sarbazzadeh Animation
Taylor Made Products
Tennessee Aquarium
TideLine Outfitters
Tides Folly Beach
Trash Gurl
Under Armour
Vet Friends
Virginia Living Museum
Wyndham Hotel Group
Yale Cordage
Veterans Who Support Wounded Nature
Patrick Brent, USMC
Kimberly Bush USAF
Carol Craig, USN
Tim Day, USMC
Andy Dunaway, USAF
Susan A. Gregory, USAF
Tripp Hays, USA
Lee Kelley, USA
Gene Kern, USMC
James D. King, USMC
Don Knauss, USMC
Mal Mixon, USMC
Stacy Pearsall, USAF
Jerry Ravino, USMC
B.M. (Skip) Sack, USMC
James Skidmore, USMC
Frederick W. Smith, USMC
Ron Sprinkles USA
Robert  J.  Stevens, USMC
Jeff Stevenson, USN
Kevin Sullivan, USN
Louis Winoski, USA
If you wish to make a donation and have your company or name added to this list, go to:


Please make a donation to
Wounded Nature – Working Veterans