February 24, 2018

Other Non Profits Doing the Same Thing?

We are unique because we clean-up areas other non-profits can not or do not want to reach.

Currently most beaches and rivers adjacent to major cities are staging annual clean-ups through the use of volunteers and efforts organized by various non-profit groups. However, the areas most important to wildlife: the isolated beaches, bays, high tide debris line, and estuaries are not being cleaned up.

These are crucial birthing areas for endangered and threatened species. The constant accumulation and breakdown of plastics and storm debris in these critical areas builds up high toxicity levels, and kills generations of future wildlife.

Keep America Beautiful

The largest non-profit focused on beach clean-ups is Keep America Beautiful (KAB). Everyone has seen their ads, especially the memorable one with the Indian Chief shedding tears as people litter his land.

What most people do not know is the history of this organization. They were originally formed by beverage bottlers as an organization to generate publicity for issues important to their industry. They now have over 800 affiliates around the country reporting to a corporate office in Connecticut.

This is a very sophisticated and powerful non-profit.  Almost every local bottling company, national beverage company, and plastic manufacturer belongs to and donates to this organization. The local affiliates monitor issues and proposed regulations that deal with bottle deposits, banning plastic bags at grocery stores, etc.

Aside from lobbying, Keep America Beautiful works hard to generate a grass roots public roster of concerned citizens who will take the time to contact their elected officials on issues KAB feels are important. They work hard to recruit new members and donors. They do this in two ways. The most widely seen method for recruiting new members and donors is through their annual spring clean-up campaign.  This annual event is successful and over the years has removed hundreds of thousands of pounds of debris and litter from beaches, roadways and parks. Ever year they are able to get 3 million people to participate in their clean-up efforts. Volunteers provide KAB with their contact information and then receive updates throughout the year and are occasionally asked to write letters or make calls to elected officials on issues important to KAB.

The other and more subtle ways of recruiting are through their Public Service Announcements and branding of beaches by donating trash containers with their brand emblazoned on the sides.

Keep America Beautiful’s former CEO, Matthew McKenna was the former CFO for Pepsi, one of our nation’s largest bottling manufacturing companies. Matt did acknowledge that in the past KAB has lobbied against banning plastic bags, deposit fees on plastic bags and bottles, and other products that represent most of the litter responsible for killing wildlife. Matt has assured me that his organization has evolved recently and as a corporate entity.  But they continue to lobby against empty deposits and banning plastic bags and bottles.

This is an organization whose volunteers have made a tremendous contribution to the environment. However, all of that good work has been tempered by the ulterior motives of their corporate partners and their use of the organization as a vehicle to protect their interests.

Other clean-up organizations

There are at least 100 other organizations that sponsor an annual clean-up in their local areas.  All of these organizations make a meaningful contribution to the environment and assist in preventing unnecessary wildlife deaths due to litter. Most of these organizations have no secondary agenda for staging their annual clean-ups. It is done solely to beautiful their area.

Veteran organizations representing wounded veterans

All of the veteran organizations that we have had contact with perform the mission they claim. We are not competing with any of them.

Wounded Nature – Working Veterans was founded by veterans and provides veterans and boaters who are non-veterans the opportunity to make a real environmental difference.

Wounded Nature – Working Veterans are NOT a veteran’s organization, we are a wildlife/environmental non-profit utilizing veterans to fulfill our mission.

Please make a donation to Wounded Nature – Working Veterans at: http://woundednature.org/support-us/donate/ 

Photo: This tire weighs several hundred pounds and is off a large front end loader or similar piece of equipment.   It is located on Sullivan’s Island, SC.  Taken by Rudy Socha.


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