February 23, 2017

Wounded Nature Team

Wounded Nature – Working Veterans is always on the lookout for new board members who can help raise the money necessary to carry out our mission. If interested, please send an email to rudy (at) woundednature.org.

William (Bill) Hefty, Charleston Area Director, Unite US, Member – Board of Directors

wh1Bill has over 22 years of military and civilian experience providing leadership and mentorship to personnel within Non-Profit management as well as supervision and roles within human resources, supply chain management/logistics, communications (IT), operations, and finance.  Successful record of accomplishment developing and implementing policies and procedures, cutting costs and time by streamlining all operational functions.  Dynamic problem solver with proven effective leadership, focused on team building, mentorship and employee development.

Bill is retired from the United States Marine Corps.  He entered Parris Island for training as an enlisted Marine and exited as an officer with the rank of Major.  He is proud to say that he was a Marine Corps grunt (ground warrior).

wh2Bill is currently the Charleston area director for Unite US.  His mission at Unite US is to unite the veteran population and the local community, Military Community Connections (MCC) seeks to streamline the coordination of care through a collective impact model, facilitating partnerships between community service providers and veterans to deliver the highest standard of holistic care through meaningful services and gainful employment opportunities.

Bill’s board term expires August, 2019.  You can reach Bill at heftywilliam (at) gmail.com

Gray Jones, Project Internal Auditor, Blackbaud – Member – Board of Directors


gray-jonesGray recently relocated to the Charleston area after having grown up in Murrells Inlet, SC. He is in the process of obtaining his Master’s degree in Information Systems from Coastal Carolina University. He plans to work in the accounting industry after graduating. Gray has fully embraced Charleston as his new home and seeks to keep America’s number one city the most beautiful city in the world.


Crystal’s board term expires August, 2019.  You can reach Gray at grayjones6 (at) gmail.com.


Brian K. Shelton, Retired Automotive Retail Executive, Member – Board of Directors

brian sheltonBrian has 33 years of experience on many different levels of Executive Management, Marketing, Strategies and Sales Management within the retail automotive industry.

Brian’s sales and marketing experience includes Internet SEO and SEM as well as Social Media Marketing and Communications.  He is also well versed in contract negotiations and acquisitions are among my specialties.

He is a family man who loves to spend time being a father,brother grandfather. Brian has always loved the outdoors  most of his hobbies are related to beach and ocean life as well as camping and wildlife.

Brian possesses a history of recognizing business opportunities with the ability to turn vision into reality and mission into action.

Brian’s board term expires August, 2019.  You can reach Brian at bkshelton59 (at) gmail.com


Rudy Socha, CEO

Mr. Socha has 20 plus years of management experience in launching successful companies. His launches occur on or ahead of schedule, and under budget. He is an entrepreneur capable of getting the job done.

In 1979 – 1980 Mr. Socha was hired by Nuclear Metals to clean up a massive amount of depleted uranium machine turnings. Byproducts of this cleanup included thorium and similar radioactive materials. At the time a radioactive waste clean up of this size had never been completed. With total P&L and management responsibility by Mr. Socha, this project was completed two years ahead of schedule and 2.7 million dollars under budget.

Mr. Socha has 20 plus years of assisting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland with fundraising, corporate relations, and working with underprivileged children. The last 5 years Mr. Socha served as President of the Boys and Girls Clubs Alumni Association.

In 2003, Mr. Socha and Ms. Darrow, co-authored a book titled Above & Beyond profiling 88 former Marines who are successful in the civilian world. Royalties from the book’s sales were paid directly to seven Marine Corps-related non-profit organizations. Mr. Socha is also a veteran, having served with the U.S. Marine Corps.

Rudy is passionate about cleaning up rural and hard to access beaches, tidal marshes and coastlines in wildlife critical areas.  He works hard to keep Wounded Nature focused on making a REAL difference in increasing America’s seafood stocks and coastal wildlife populations.   He is a USCG Licensed Boat Captain with a Master’s rating.

rudy(at)woundednature.org Cell 440-452-1042

You can connect with Rudy on Linked In at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rudy-socha-rudy-zandavisitor-com/14/193/123


James Weckbacher, Contract Artist, Volunteer,

James Weckbacher has been influenced by art all of his life.  His Father is a professional artist and encouraged James’ talents at a young age.  With a natural talent for drawing and a love of movies, James began a career as a storyboard artist and illustrator for film and television.  He also is a caricature artist and photographer.  Many of his works are inspired by nature and animals.  Drawing and taking photos at the nearby zoo is a favorite pastime.  An avid cyclist as well, James spends much time on the Cuyahoga Valley Towpath where he photographs the local sites.  A proponent of nature and it’s resources, James literally “draws” his inspiration from the environment.

James designed Wounded Nature – Working Veteran’s logo and served as an interim board members until a permanent board was seated.

James’s website can be found at www.wexpix.net and his email address is xntrixone(at)yahoo.com.


Taylor James Emry, MA, Member – Board of Directors


Having grown up on the Isle of Palms, Mr. Emry is passionate about preserving and restoring the local ecosystem in the Charleston Area.

He earned his M.A. from the University of South Carolina in 2015 and currently handles PR and online marketing for his web-based company The Best Practice Life.

Connect on FacebookTwitter or by emailing him directly at james (at) thebestpracticelife.com


Splash – Our Mascot

splash profile shotBorn on December 29, 2014, Splash was donated to Wounded Nature – Working Veterans by Air Force veteran Jamie Logan.  Splash is one quarter Labrador Retriever and three quarter Golden Retriever.  Splash’s veterinary care is being donated by Drs. David and Leslie Steele of Advanced Animal Care of Mount Pleasant, http://www.advancedanimalcaremp.com/index.html.  Over the next few months Splash will be learning manners and being trained in the basics of being a companion/service dog.  She is a great addition to our team.




Please make a donation to
Wounded Nature – Working Veterans

Wounded Nature works year round to cleanup America’s coastal areas.  Most of these areas can only be reached by boat and include rural beaches, tidal marshes, and high tide line collection points.  Our work results in reducing the deaths of sea turtles, dolphins, sharks and marine life.  Cleaning these wildlife habitats results in increased recreational and commercial seafood production including clams, oysters, shrimp and fish.  Boats are usually needed on our cleanups making our cleanups expensive to conduct.  Your donation can place a volunteer on the coast and help remove another cubic yard of litter and debris creating a small stretch of pristine beach and coastal area where wildlife breed and live.