February 24, 2018

Behind the Scenes with Fox and Friends at Folly Beach

Here are the behind the scenes photos taken by Susan Gregory as Rick Reichmuth broadcasted his weather remote from Folly Beach, SC on Sunday March 11, 2012.  During the second half hour throughout the Fox and Friends Weekend show he focused on Wounded Nature – Working Veterans’ mission of cleaning up rural beaches and providing initial employment opportunities for veterans. A special thank you is extended to the South Carolina Aquarium and Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin for helping to make this such a great educational broadcasting event.

Finn, Kate Dittloff, Whitney Wernsing,
Shannon Teeders, Shelley Dearhart

Rudy Socha, Finn, Whitney Wernsing, Kate Dittloff, Shannon Teeders, Shelley Dearhart


Alex and Garrett Stevenson


Alex and Garrett Stevenson

Neil Kinard

Neil Kinard

Rick Reichmuth, Rudy Socha,
Kim Bush, Richard Bush

Alex, Garrett and Jeff Stevenson

Neil Kinard and Mark Kennedy


Kip Grosenick and Charlotte Goodwin


Neil Kinard, Rick Reichmuth,
Gator, Mark Kennedy

Kelly Thorvalson, Gator, Rudy Socha

Rudy Socha, Gator, Shannon Feeders,
Kate Dittloff

Rudy Socha, Gator, Rick Reichmuth


Rudy Socha, Rick Reichmuth,
Greg Hart, Tiffany Mims


Crystal Stillwell, Kevin Gregory,
Rick Reichmuth

 Mark Kennedy, Mayor Tim Goodwin,
Jeff Stevenson

Neil Kinard, Kelly Thorvalson,
Rick Reichmuth

 Rudy Socha and Rick Reichmut

Mayor Tim Goodwin, Jeff Stevenson and Rick Reichmuth

Mark Kennedy  
Screen credits:

 The team that made all of us look good:
Rick Reichmuth – Fox News Channel
Kip Grosenick – Producer – Robin Hood Video Productions
Mark Kennedy – Cameraman – Kennedy Video Service Inc.
Neil Kinard – Sound – Hank Productions
Michell Grosnick – Producer’s Driver – Robin Hood Video ProductionsFox producers in NYC
Bill Samon
Samantha LaMarca
Brandon Noriega
Michelle May

South Carolina Aquarium Team
Kate Dittloff
Shannon Teeders
Kelly Thorvalson
Whitney Wernsing
Shelley Dearhart
Turtle 1
Turtle 2

Folly Beach Team
Mayor Tim Goodwin
Charlotte Goodwin – Folly Beach’s First Lady

Bert’s Market
Tides Folly Beach Hotel
Trash Gurl

To view the end result of everyone’s hard work, go to:
http://video.foxnews.com/v/1501193508001/wounded-warriors-now-eco-warriors Rudy Socha 6:30 am slot http://video.foxnews.com/v/1500916931001/helping-mother-earth-and-man Kim Koth 7:30 am slot
http://video.foxnews.com/v/1500916888001/cleaning-up-after-irene Jeff Stevenson and Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin 8:30 am slot
http://video.foxnews.com/v/1500916935001/unemployed-vets-get-jobs-cleaning-up-beaches South Carolina Aquarium and Rudy Socha 9:30 am slot

Wounded Nature – Working Veterans Team
Kimberly Bush – Bush Law Group – WoundedNature.org Board Member
Richard Bush – Bush Law Group – WoundedNature.org Board Member
Rudy Socha – WoundedNature.org CEO
Jeff Stevenson – Google – WoundedNature.org Board Member