February 24, 2018

Daniel Island

We were able to return the south end of Daniel Island to its original pristine condition.  This was a fairly lightweight cleanup since there was more trash than debris in this area.  This area is an oyster rookery and critical to South Carolina’s shellfish population.   In addition to removing a lot of foam and plastic, our volunteers removed a substantial amount of fishing line, ropes, netting, and the remnants of a crab trap.   All of these items had they been left in place they would have served to capture and hold animals in place causing them to slowly starve to death.

Sponsors who made the cleanup possible:

Adventure Harbor Toursdan rope

All Around Tires


Charleston Resort Marina

Liquid Culture

Petra Metals


Participating companies:


Cummins Inc.dan c


Participating Government Agencies


Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission


Results of the cleanup:

Amount of trash and debris collected:

Volume: 8 cubic yards in the dumpster

2 tires equaling another .5 cubic yards taken by a tire retail store for disposalDan neeting

Weight:  Dumpster – net weight 2,200 pounds

Tires – 100 pounds


Contents of trash collected:

NOTE: We did a much better job of inventorying the trash and debris collected on this cleanup.  As always a number of interesting items were found.  Some pieces of debris that are found make sense like articles of clothing that can blow out of a boat, whereas other items like an orange road barricade or the back half of a TV make you wonder – “how did that end up on this stretch of coastline?”


Trash and Debris Inventory:dan cum

1 pair pants

6 shoes

2 hats

1 towel

19 pieces fishing line

4 fishing bobbers

3 nets

24 rope

3 misc fishing related items

464 pieces of foam

32 glass beverage containers

52 misc glass itemsDan crab

1 light bulb (unbroken)

5 metal beverage containers

4 Styrofoam blocks

23 paper and cardboard items

3 balloons

46 plastic bottles

9 detached bottle caps

44 food wrappers/containersdan cu

71 single use bags

9 straws

2 plastic utensils

4 cigarette lighters

7 plastic tarps/sheets

26 misc plastic items

2 balls

9 misc rubber items other than tires

32 wood items

27 pieces of snow/sand fencing

1 orange road barricade

Photo by Kenneth Bergmann

Photo by Kenneth Bergmann

1 partial roll of bubble wrap

1 solar panel

1 boat seat

1 dog bowl

1 door mat

1 Dallas Cowboys hard hat

1 crab trap (mangled)

1 trash can lid

1 back of a TV set


Media coverage of the event:



Photo by Kenneth Bergmann

Photo by Kenneth Bergmann

Photo by Kenneth Bergmann

Photo by Kenneth Bergmann

Photo by Kenneth Bergmann
Photo by Kenneth Bergmann