February 24, 2018

Drum Island Oysters and Debris 3/2017

Improving South Carolina’s Seafood Population and Production

On March 25th, 2017, Boeing, Bosch, Charleston Southern University Women’s Volleyball Team, SC Department of Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife Service and the general public worked with Wounded Nature – Working Veterans to make a real coastal difference.

Trash and debris that poison, entangle and injures marine wildlife was removed from Charleston Harbor.  In place of the trash and debris, an oyster bed that we started laying last year was extended and has begun filtering the water around this island.

Getting wet, dirty, smelling like pluff mud, feeding the mosquitoes, gnats and flies, acquiring some scratches, scrapes and cuts is just a small part of what these volunteers endured to make a real coastal difference.

A special thanks to David Franz for all of the great photos – DavidJohnFrantz@gmail.com