February 24, 2018

Drum Island – Eastern Coastline

This cleanup was very challenging. For everyone who braved 95 degree temperatures and 91% humidity to assist, a special thanks is given. Considering we had equipment deficiencies and lacked enough volunteers to cover a very large area, I was surprised by what we were able to actually get off the island. I went to Remley Point the day after to look in our dumpsters to see what actually made it off the island and was pleasantly surprised by what we had accomplished. After digging around for a while in the dumpster, I have a rough inventory of the trash and debris removed. When I arrived at the Remley Point boat ramp on Sunday there was a dead body in the water with the police and a forensic team around it.

Carnival Cruise Lines provided a donation allowing us to buy our own jon boats to be used as trash barges, a trailer and associated equipment.

Sponsors who made this cleanup possible:dr7

Adventure Harbor Tours

All Around Tires


Carnival Cruise Lines

Liquid Culture

Patriots Point

Petra Metalsdr16


Participating companies who had participating volunteers:


Cummins Inc.

Liquid Culture

Petra Metals


Participating Government Agencies


Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission

SC Ports Authority


Results of the cleanup:

Amount of trash and debris collected:dr13dr14

Volume: 12 cubic yards including tires.


 Trash and Debris Inventory:

2 shoesdr9dr10

1 hat

11 pieces fishing linedr6dr8

15 pieces of rope

3 misc fishing related items

51 pieces of foam

96 glass beverage containers

24 misc glass itemsdr4dr5

17 metal beverage containers

4 Styrofoam blocksdr2dr3

18 paper and cardboard items

31 plastic bottlesdr1

4 detached bottle caps

6 styrofoam cups

4 plastic cups

21 food wrappers/containers

19 single use bags

5 cigarette lighters

9 plastic tarps/sheets

73 misc plastic items

3 balls

6 metal cable

2 pvc piping

3 metal pipes

4 misc rubber items other than tires

65 wood items

10 tires

1 plastic step stool

1 buoy beacon

1 hubcap

1 mini fridge

1 brush

Media coverage:  http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20140704/PC16/140709833/1177/wounded-nature-seeking-volunteers-donors-for-future-cleanups