January 18, 2018

How Litter Kills Wildlife

How Litter Kills Video

Everyone knows that litter looks bad and has a negative impact on wildlife. What most people do not know or understand is how litter kills wildlife. Red Bird Creative, located in Perth, Australia created a 90 second animation, “How Litter Kills” that visually shows the impact litter has on wildlife.

“What most people do not know or understand is how litter kills wildlife.”

The animation and all the artwork were created by Chris and Matthew Blurton. Red Bird Creative is proud to be associated with Wounded Nature as marine pollution is a world wide issue. www.redbirdcreative.com.au

Out of the different ways litter kills, ingestion of litter remains the method that removes the greatest number of marine creatures from this planet. Tammy Sarbazzadeh, located in Vancouver, Canada put together an educational video, “Plastic Beverage Caps are Causing Sea Animals to Disappear”, explaining in detail what happens to animals when they ingest litter. Tammy through her animations, www.tahminehs.com, is working to leave the world a better place for her two daughters.

The voice at the end of this video was contributed by Kathie Pieloch Voiceovers www.Qvoxvoiceworks.com

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