April 19, 2014

Disaster Relief

Our houseboats are shallow draft vessels making them ideal vehicles to deliver equipment, supplies, and personnel to areas that are inaccessible by land. Wounded Nature’s houseboats can transport a large quantity of fresh water  that could be taken ashore quickly.

Wounded Nature’s houseboats can transport people in and out of remote and isolated areas. This is critical when the people who stay behind during a hurricane suddenly need to be rescued because the storm has shut down all of their utilities or their residence is severely damaged.

Wounded Nature’s houseboats are equipped to sleep and feed the rescue and safety forces aboard during the clean-up phase immediately following a disaster. Many times local hotels are without working utilities for days following a disaster.

Please make a donation to Wounded Nature – Working Veterans at: http://woundednature.org/support-us/donate/

Photo:  Erosion occurring during Hurricane Irene at Folly Beach, SC.  Ocean access steps shown in background were ripped away 40 minutes after this photo was taken.  Everyone evaculated the access pier as it started to break apart.  Photo was taken between rain bands by Rudy Socha


Please make a donation to
Wounded Nature – Working Veterans