April 21, 2014

Media and Public Relations

Media and Public Relations combined with education are just as important as actually cleaning up the beaches. Training the public not to discard their trash will save as many marine animals as removing the trash.

Wounded Nature will work to generate publicity daily through press releases, their web site, blog postings, media appearances, and through affiliations with other non-profits participating in various components of our mission.

Wounded Nature will work to entice national media teams to live aboard for several days at a time. Whenever bunk space is available, it will be offered to media entities from the local area where we are working.

Wounded Nature’s affiliation with the zoo and aquarium industry will result in Wounded Nature ‘s exposure to the Americans who visited animal attractions more than 350 million times last year.

There will be fund raisers, publicity events, and private parties hosted aboard our houseboats to introduce as many potential sponsors and donors as possible to Wounded Nature and our mission.

In many ports the public and media will be invited to tour the houseboats and meet its crew.

Photo:  Colorful bottle caps appear as bite size treats to sea turtles.  This results in intestinal tract blockage causing a slow and painful death.  Photo courtesy of:  Alejandro Fallabrino


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