February 23, 2017

Overhead Costs for Wounded Nature’s Sponsored Boats

Overhead Costs for Wounded Nature’s Sponsored Boats

Outreach at the cleanup events

Publicity thru press releases and inviting media to stay aboard 1 night – 1,500 mo.  18,000 annually.

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Educational materials to be used and brochures to be given away at cleanups and outreach events.  Each boat will have educational props and educational brochures to present.  Our cost per brochure including artwork and layout is .95 each.  $1,852 mo. per boat.  54 months x $1,852 = $100,000 annually

Labor for 6 employees to handle licensing, logistics, events, web site, permitting, accounting, public relations, training, planning, board relations, fundraising, and support.  $350,000

  1. CEO salary $90,000 Will handle all management issues, overview, and planning.
  2. Operations and training director $80,000 will assume responsibility for all training, licensing and administrative issues.  Will coordinate with the regulatory authorities and politicians for each state.  Will handle board relations and ongoing fundraising efforts.
  3. Logistics manager – $60,000 will handle scheduling for all 5 boats.  Will handle marina bookings, events, crew appearances.
  4. Public relations $45,000 – will handle press releases for each boat and scheduling media overnight stays aboard the vessels.
  5. Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll $35,000 – Will handle all bookkeeping, grant records keeping, and payroll duties.
  6. Web and IT – $40,000 – will handle all computer and web issues.

Benefits and payroll taxes for support team – 40% = $140,000  The support team will participate in cleanups whenever they are onsite with the boats.  They will have full medical and dental plans.


Travel $85,000  The staff will provide support operations for the boats and this will include traveling to and from wherever the boats are located.  The staff will also attend conferences during the year that pertain to their job skills plus at least one environmental conference. This is based in a .56 per mile, 100 per diem hotel rate, $50.00 per diem for meals, and coach class hotel reimbursement where airline travel is used.

Insurance for all boats and support operations:  $24,000 mo = $288,000 annually  This includes liability, malpractice, worker’s compensation, Jones Act, vehicle and boat insurance.

Rent $8,000 mo (includes west coast, gulf and great lakes office)  = $96,000

Utilities (including phone and internet services)   $5,600 mo = $67,200

Total – $1,216,200 divided by the 5 boats =  $243,240 in overhead charged to each boat