November 28, 2015

We Will Be Visiting Jamaica

Jamaica Bay, NY is where we are needed and headed.

Charleston based Wounded Nature – Working Veterans is heading up to the Superstorm Sandy impact area to assist in cleanup and beach restoration efforts. Rudy Socha, CEO of Wounded Nature – Working Veteran is recruiting veterans and volunteers from around the country to work in Gateway National Park from March 20-22, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Gateway National Park was hard hit by the storm and much of the park has remained closed since. “We need to recruit a hardy group who can work in any type of weather” states Rudy Socha “Veterans have experience working in adverse conditions and will show up regardless of weather. While we hope for three days of sunshine, it is entirely possible we could encounter 3 days of rain or even a late snow”.

“We welcome any and all non-veterans who have a love for nature and the environment to join us in this vital restoration work. If someone cannot make it to assist on this project, they can support us by donating to help cover our ongoing expenses”.

“We will be working each day from 8 am until 2 pm trying to get as much of the coastline cleaned up and restored as possible. This will allow everyone to spend the afternoons and evenings exploring and enjoying New York City. The more volunteers we have, the more we will be able to accomplish. Funding for rural coastal cleanups and restorations is extremely limited at the local, state and federal level, and in many cases it is non-existent.”

“Wounded Nature – Working Veterans is happy to be able to assist in this phase of assisting the Sandy impact area return to normalcy. Until we can locate sponsors for boats we are limited to being able to tackle about 10% of the coastal areas needing our assistance. Currently our clean-up efforts are limited based on available volunteer boats and workers for each project. While in the greater NYC area, we hope to surface one or more corporations or high net worth individuals willing to sponsor a boat and crew for one year.”

Volunteers and donors can find details on the Wounded Nature – Working Veterans web site: