April 17, 2014


The genesis of our houseboats and our missions came prior to the gulf oil spill. The number of rescued birds, sea turtles, and sea mammals that had ingested plastic items had increased dramatically.  We investigated why it was occurring and how to fix it. We discovered that none of the clean-up non-profits wanted to work on the rural beaches and estuaries because of the travel time to and from each clean-up location. Another reason given was that it was difficult to generate publicity since most media companies would not send their reporters to rural clean-up areas. Our proposal solves both problems. Our houseboats can be stationed immediately offshore or beached right at the clean-up area (depending on tides) delivering workers and supplies in and out of the work area in small crafts. The media will be invited to live aboard for a day or two at no cost to the media company.

WoundedNature.org is an IRS approved 501c3 non-profit charity serving to clean up the environment employing veterans reentering the civilian workforce.

WoundedNature.org’s raises money through donations, memberships, sponsorships, and grants. WoundedNature.org has minimum overhead and funds raised annually go directly to fund the mission and operation of Wounded Nature, the houseboats.

Wounded Nature (the houseboats) will be affiliated with a number of non-profit and for-profit entities to generate additional publicity and exposure for their supporters.

Wounded Nature’s home port for the houseboats is Charleston, SC.

The houseboats will move up the East Coast during the summer and work in the southern coastal areas during the winter months. As the ship moves north it will be docked at the closest large port each month as employees return home for their days off. In general, our employees will work for 20 straight days and have 10 days off each month. Workers will be bused or flown between their home port and the ship’s current work location.


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