February 24, 2018


Wounded Nature – Working Veterans was founded by veterans and provides veterans and boaters who are non-veterans the opportunity to make a real environmental difference. The genesis of our missions came prior to the gulf oil spill.

We investigated why it was occurring and how to fix it:

  • The number of rescued birds, sea turtles, and sea mammals that had ingested plastic items had increased dramatically.
  • America’s coastal seafood stocks have been in steady decline.
  • We quickly discovered that most of America’s critical coastal wildlife habitats are collection points for trash and storm debris and have NEVER been cleaned up.

Our mission became clean, we would identify and organize cleanups to address the many wildlife critical coastal areas that have never been cleaned.   For us, there is no need to further study the problem, we are focused on remedial action and getting tons of trash and debris removed from our coastal areas.

The remote areas we clean have no facilities. These coastal areas contains a lot of heavy debris and trash that is hard to transport back for disposal, and it is are expensive to stage a rural coastal cleanup where watercraft is required.

WoundedNature.org is an IRS approved 501c3 non-profit charity serving to clean up the environment employing veterans reentering the civilian workforce.

WoundedNature.org’s raises money through donations, memberships, sponsorships, and grants. WoundedNature.org has minimum overhead and funds raised annually go directly to fund the mission and operation of Wounded Nature.

Wounded Nature’s home port and base of operations is Charleston, SC.



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