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Intercessory Karma is very easy to understand. Intercessory Karma is when you do something good on someone else’s behalf looking to bring them positive karma in a specific area. More love, better health and increased happiness are the 3 areas that people most want changed in their lives.

Karma is one of life’s destinies that we do control. Throughout our life we face many choices that involve helping or just being nice to others who cross our path in life.

When we do something unexpected for someone else that is non-intrusive we bring out their positive emotional feelings. Non-intrusive is mentioned because if you show up at their house without notice you actually can add stress to someone’s life. An unannounced visit may cause them to miss the last 5 minutes of the TV show they are watching, they may not have cleaned house or prepared themselves personally for visitors and will feel stressed and uncomfortable during your entire visit.

Kindness generates an emotion by the recipient that is remembered. A repeating pattern of kindness embeds and imprints itself into the brain of the recipient. Your repeated acts of kindness towards someone will cause you to be associated with those positive feelings and the happiness that you have brought into that person’s life.

Positive emotions generate positive karma. When you surprise someone else by showing them that you were thinking of them in a positive context, it has the same health benefits as a hug.
From the National Institute of Health:

“At the center of how our bodies respond to love and affection is a hormone called oxytocin. Most of our oxytocin is made in the area of the brain called the hypothalamus. Some is released into our bloodstream, but much of its effect is thought to reside in the brain.

Oxytocin makes us feel good when we’re close to family and other loved ones, including pets. It does this by acting through what scientists call the dopamine reward system. Dopamine is a brain chemical that plays a crucial part in how we perceive pleasure. Many drugs of abuse act through this system. Problems with the system can lead to serious depression and other mental illness.

Oxytocin does more than make us feel good. It lowers the levels of stress hormones in the body, reducing blood pressure, improving mood, increasing tolerance for pain and perhaps even speeding how fast wounds heal. It also seems to play an important role in our relationships. It’s been linked, for example, to how much we trust others.”


What about me?

These positive health benefits not only apply to your Intercessory Karma recipient but they apply to you as well. When you initiate positive karma directed towards someone else, your brain knows you are doing something good and starts rewarding you with dopamine. This results in you feeling good towards the person who received your Intercessory Karma.

However, when you pass up the opportunity to make others feel good and their life special, you generate negative karma. Your brain imprints subconsciously that you chose not to do something positive when the opportunity presented itself. This causes you to feel guilty and anger at the guilt. This will cause you to feel uncomfortable the next time you see friends or family members. It is that feeling that you cannot put your finger on but causes anxiety preventing you from fully enjoying your visit.
How does a donation generate positive karma?

ALL of the money donated through Intercessory Karma is directly passed through to Wounded Nature – Working Veterans, an IRS approved 501c3 non-profit.

Wounded Nature – Working Veterans uses veterans and volunteers to clean wildlife critical coastal areas. Coastal wildlife lives and breeds AWAY from public beaches in rural coastal areas, most of which can only be reached by boat.

The majority of our nation’s coastal areas have NEVER been cleaned. Can you imagine what our interstate system would look like if litter, trash and debris were never picked up? Hidden from view within our coastal high tide line is thousands of tons of litter, trash and debris. It is killing wildlife and reducing our domestic seafood production.

Wounded Nature – Working Veterans has a very easy to understand slogan: “Cleaning up public beaches benefits the travel and tourism industry. Our coastal cleanups benefit wildlife.”
If you make a small donation through Intercessory Karma, the following positive things will happen:

– An email will be sent to those you name to be the beneficiaries of your Intercessory Karma. Their Dopamine will immediately start flowing and you will improve their day and state of mind.

– You will help Wounded Nature – Working Veterans reduce wildlife deaths by helping to fund their cleanups. This benefits veterans, volunteers, and wildlife including endangered species. Real and tangible positive results for our planet.

– You will know that after reading this you had a choice, and you chose to send positive karma to your friends and family and support Wounded Nature – Working Veterans. You chose to do something good for them and for you. This will start your Dopamine flowing giving you a positive feeling and improve your day.

Please take a minute and donate now.

Your donation will improve the lives of your friends and family while making the world a better place.

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Love, health and happiness


ALL Intercessory Karma contributions are passed through donations to Wounded Nature – Working Veterans. Your donation and helping to make Intercessory Karma go viral will help clean our coastal areas, increase domestic seafood populations, and employ veterans. Just showing someone you are thinking of them and doing something on their behalf will add increased happiness to their life .



“I’m a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it’s bad or good.”

Sandra Bullock