December 16, 2017


Wounded Nature – Working Veterans an IRS approved 501 c 3 national non-profit.  We assemble volunteer boaters and veterans to remove debris from hard to reach coastal areas designated by Fish and Wildlife Service and Department of Natural Resources as critical wildlife areas.  Our goal is to increase the amount of domestic fish, shrimp and shellfish stocks.

Trash and debris collects at the high tide line behind marsh grasses and shrubs.  It is usually laying on the ground and hidden from view.

Going to these remote areas is costly and requires logistics and planning to support getting volunteers to the area and then getting volunteers and debris/trash  back to a landing.

We are not wasting time and money talking about or researching ocean trash and debris problems.  We are out there trying to fix them and doing so in the critical wildlife habitats.

Cleaning public beaches benefits the travel and tourism industry.  Cleaning rural coastal areas benefits wildlife.

Wounded Nature – Working Veterans was founded by veterans and provides veterans and boaters who are non-veterans the opportunity to make a real environmental difference.