February 24, 2018

Become a Crew Member – one time donation

JOIN OUR CREW – without having to get in the mud with us

We have volunteers willing to get in the mud, endures some bug bites and scrapes.   You do not have to personally  encounter the snakes and spiders to help us make a difference.  A small monthly donation allows us to rent boats, dumpsters, buy fuel and cover our overhead and logistics cost.  Your donation will remove trash and debris from wildlife critical coastal areas.

Show the World You Made a Real Difference

14061115040MNow you can show the world you helped clear our nation’s coastlines of debris and trash. All levels of support are very important to us. A donation helps us place a cleanup volunteer by boat on a rural coastline. What we do and where we go requires boats, equipment and a lot of people willing to get dirty and work hard under adverse conditions.

Show people your commitment to helping improve the quantity and quality of the health of America’s seafood industry. The general public knows that trash and debris is bad for wildlife but does not understand why. Trash, especially plastics clogs an animal’s intestinal track and within a week they have died an extremely slow and painful death. With debris such as old treated wood, arsenic and creosote slowly leeches out and poisons an area. This results in significantly reduced populations of shellfish, shrimp and young fish inhabiting areas adjacent to heavy coast trash and debris areas.

Our stickers will get people to look as all oval initialed stickers do – but ours have a twist. On first glance everyone will be able to tell you are a donor, volunteer, or veteran by the color of the outside ring. As a donor you will be able to show the world know your level of support with your “crew” status being shown inside the ring.

This adds a fun and interesting twist as those familiar with who we are and our donor program will look up your crew status on our web site.

Sorry – NO swag here.
We know that if you donate it is because you care about cleaning up our wildlife critical coastal areas.  Most of these cleanup areas have accumulated trash for 50 plus years.  We will not spend your money putting our logo on “give away” hats, address stickers, blankets, etc.  Your donation will be spent cleaning our coastal areas to help reduce dolphin, sea turtle, shore bird and manatee deaths due to trash and debris accumulation.  Removing this trash and debris will also increase our domestic seafood populations.

What your donation buys
$20.00  six large burlap cleanup bags
$50.00  tank of gas for vehicle towing our boat to and from a cleanup
$100.00 tank of gas for our cleanup boat
$250.00 eNewsletter being published for one month
$500.00 web site maintenance for one month
$750.00 boat and vehicle insurance for one month
$1,000.00 rental of dumpster and porta potty for one cleanup
$2,500.00 rental of water taxis for one cleanup
$5,000.00 rent, utilities, and part of our overhead costs for one month

WoundedNature.org is an IRS approved 501c3 non-profit charity.  WoundedNature.org’s IRS non-profit EIN number is: 27-3570810.  As with all donations to charity, we recommend you consult with your financial advisor regarding tax credits and deductions.

For donations of $2,000 and above, please contact Rudy Socha at rudy@woundednature.org or by phone at 440-452-1042. Online SECURE credit cards donations can be made below through Pay Pal.

Checks can be postal mailed to:

P.O. Box 20363
Charleston, SC 29413

Make checks payable to:  Wounded Nature

A receipt will automatically be sent to your email address for tax purposes

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Personal and Family Memberships (annual dues)

Cadet $20.00
Greenhorn $50.00
Deckhand $100.00
Crew Member $250.00
Petty Officer $500.00
Chief Petty Officer $1,000.00
Deck Officer $5,000.00
Merchant Marine $10,000.00
Master Navigator $25,000.00
Marine Explorer $50,000.00
Legendary Mariner $100,000.00

Specify Amount

Pay Pal is our merchant donation processor. You do not need to have a Pay Pal account to make a donation. You can just click – “Pay with a debit or credit card” on the payment page.